Art Wall :: Two Groupings To divide The Room

Artwork is like a pair of jeans... every figure has a perfect fit, and so does every wall.  This Scandinavian flat didn't pretend to be a 6'1 Swedish model, but instead embraced it's petite stature (35 sq meters or 375 sq feet!) and utilized artwork to enhance the space that was available.  Despite the fact that every shape is different, as well as every space, there are some key elements that we can all adapt to our own homes, no matter what they look like.

These are our top 7 ways to style your art!


1. Create visual separation in an open space by hanging artwork in two groupings.

Art Wall :: Group Large Pieces

2. Use larger artwork in groupings to create visual interest, even in a small space.

Art Wall :: Use A Color Scheme To Unite

3. Use a color scheme to unify spaces.  In this case, monochrome rules throughout!

ART WALL :: Display art in the window

4.  Use windows, shelves, and ledges for smaller artwork to balance out the larger pieces in a room.

Art Wall :: Two Large Photos

5.  Unite two larger art pieces by height, even if the width is not the same.


6. Use washi tape for a temporary, no-nail fix that is also casual and interchangeable.


7.  Give the eye a place to rest and create some spaces without art work.


This space definitely made me want to beef up my art work.  Here are some pieces I thought you might like to:

This ABSTRACT PIECE is TO DIE FOR, but if you live, it would look great in almost any space!

This GEOMETRIC PIECE is fun, simple but bold.

Each of these pieces is amazing, but this is the MARBLE PLAYTYPE PRINT from the bedroom of this home!

 More SCANDINAVIAN ART WORK with shipping worldwide!


Photos: Planete-Deco via Homesick