32 Reasons You Will Be Glad Summer is Over

pumpkin cake.jpg

All of the seasons are wonderful, but Fall is such a special one for us here at the House of Valentina.  When the air grows a little crisp, the coats get pulled out, and walnut cake starts to be served... those are just a few of the signs that coziness is on its way.  

While many associate summer with escape and adventure, Autumn is actually one of the best times to hit the road.  Crowds dissipate along with the heat as the leaves change color and it seems like no matter where you are headed there is something warmhearted awaiting you.  Don't forget to create a little adventure at home as well, whether it's in the kitchen, out in the garden, or a fun decor DIY.

Here's a little inspiration that has us going straight for plaid... and the kitchen.  yum!  

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