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The Best Place To Shop Is Your Own House

It's not that I'm against trends.  In fact, I love them and follow them and find them fascinating.  But sometimes trends annoy me.  Most trends require us to throw most of what we own in the trash or in a giveaway bin.  I know because I love to shop thrift stores and there is some great stuff there!  How many times a week do I wonder what on earth someone was thinking getting rid of this or that!

My grandmother taught my mom and my mom taught me that the Best Place to Shop is your own home.  Everything is free!  You don't even have to stand in a line!  Heck, you don't even have to wear clothes.  My husband would be more enthusiastic about that kind of shopping but I think I'll just stick to my Pj's and a spritz of Chanel.

Seriously, your own basement, attic, and closets are the best place to start shopping.  If you don't believe me, invite me over.  A lot of people do!  Everyone is on a budget, so my first question is always, "Whatcha got in your attic?"  I'm a nosy little thing and snooping in forgotten corners of the house is my favorite way to save my clients money.    

In the recent boys' bathroom remodel I found all the artwork in our stash...

a little bit of washi tape goes a long way!

And if you can't quite find what you want in your own house... throw on your bunny slippers and head to mom and dad's... or a neighbor's house while they are on vacation.  They are likely to have plenty to choose from as well!  Just don't forget to think outside the box.  Cool old memorabilia once stuck in a box is instant art when taped to the wall in coordinating colors!