Do A Bathroom Makeover for less than $150!!


It doesn't hurt to have a few supplies on hand, but doing a bathroom makeover for less than $150 isn't as hard as you think!  Do you remember the before shots of the bathroom?

Here's before we bought the house... nothing like stripes and gold hardware!

Then our weird, limbo stage with half painted walls...

Here's how we did it:

1.Paint!  It is the best way to make an impact without spending a lot of money.  After sanding down the walls, I painted them Chelsea Green by Behr.  (The marquee brand promises to be one coat and it really is!)

2. Switch out the light. For $99, we had instant visual impact.

3. Replace the mirror. We brought in the mirrors that we didn't end up using in our master bathroom remodel.  (Only $47 each if you need to buy something affordable!  Even if I had bought them for this project we would have still been under $200.)

4. Use wall art you already own.  The wall art and accessories were all things we have collected throughout our travels.

5. Splurge on cute accessories.  I bought this bunny hook ages ago and finally found a spot for it!

6. Shop the Outlets!  The shower curtain came from the Restoration Hardware outlet.

7. Think outside the box.  Why can't you have a side table in the bathroom?  It's storage and cuteness all in one!  (My Drum Table is from Target.)

8. Make Your Everyday items Cool.  I love using apothecary jars to make body gels prettier and wire baskets for toilet tissue!

9. If you can't replace the floor, add an inexpensive rug!  (H&M Home has super cute ones)

10. Go big in small places.  Don't let size keep you from going big on design.  Your money will always go further in small areas!

11.  Change Your hardware.  We instantly updated our cabinets with the pulls that used to be in our Copenhagen bathroom!  I also used them to make cool DIY boxes!  And we made over a kitchen once with them, too!

All Photography and styling: Valentina Fussell