Book Your Ticket! :: Best Southern France Hotel

You know a place is destined to be magical when the story begins in the garden.  Owners, Annie and Colin Moore, who met on a train leaving paris in 1982, dreamt up what I can sum up as nothing short of the best Southern France Hotel I have ever stumbled upon.

Knowing that it would take time to restore the 18th century building, the couple planted the garden first so it would have time to grow.  With figs and roses, geraniums and hydrangeas, jasmine and succulents, the garden alone would make the trip worthwhile.

But step inside the relaxed and collected hotel and you will be instantly transported to another level of nirvana.  Packed with books, portraits, and ephemera, each room is a tiny heaven of bliss.  Slipping in to the clawfoot tub, a monogrammed robe and then falling asleep surrounded by fresh linen sheets and the chirp of bullfrogs outside the window.

I looked up airfare.  I really did.  I'm completely smitten with this place.

$1400 per person in August from Atlanta to Toulouse and then a one hour car ride.  I'm saving my pennies.  Right.  Now.

Anyone else coming?

Rooms at Camellas Lloret start at 120 euros per night, breakfast included

The bedroom is painted the same color as my bedroom (which apparently I haven't posted any photos of) and so is the bathroom.  I swear I just found this place via dear friend Niki at My Scandinavian Home!  Did you find a favorite room or corner that you loved, too?

Photos via Architectural Digest and Camellas Lloret