The Most BRILLIANT & Cheap DIY Wainscoting


Do you ever see a DIY and wonder why on earth you didn't think of that yourself?  Dang it.  That was my exact thought when I realized that IKEA had just blown my mind with their CHEAP DIY wainscoting. Ideas like this make ya want to kiss IKEA right on the mouth.  As far as I'm concerned this idea is a home run!

So, what's got me so excited?  Did you notice what they did?  They mounted inexpensive closet doors to the wall.  I know!  Why didn't I think of that?  You are thinking it, too, aren't you?

I can't.  I can't talk.  I'm too excited.  Scroll down.  You have to see all the photos so you see how brilliant this is...

AMAZING, right?  This is proof that you don't need a million bucks to add character to your house.  Are you imagining where you could use this idea in your house? ...

Excuse the long awkward pause... I was imagining adding this cheap DIY wainscoting to my bedroom wall... then my wall in the living room under the stairs.  I'm definitely going to need a saw for that.  I actually don't have a lot of walls in my house due to the open concept and massive amounts of windows.  But what about you?

Do you love this idea?  Where could you use it in your house? I should have brought my closet doors home from Denmark!

All photos via IKEA.