Through the Fascinating Lens of an Anglophile Architect

Would you rather? Be another person for a day or time travel.  What if you could do both?  Instagram is the perfect way to stay in your seat and have the ride of a lifetime.  Especially, when compelling and talented people like George Saumarez Smith, Anglophile Architect, give us a peek into their world.

His work is so moving that I literally felt a lump of pure happiness swell in my chest.  Man!  This is evidence that there is still SO much good in this world!

Whether it's his architectural renderings, his snapshots of beautiful buildings, or a cozy fire by his favorite chair, the world through George's eye is beautiful.  Wait until you see his kitchen, too.  He designed it himself and, if I may be so bold to prophesy, I believe his nod to the past is one we will be seeing more of in the future.

And I would nearly swear that we chose the same color for our living rooms.  Clearly that makes us kindred spirits!  (Mine is Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore and his is Light Blue by Farrow and Ball, though I must say it looks a lot more green in person.)

(PS. Did you notice that George has carpet in his living room.  That makes me feel better about mine, but oh, how I envy those wood floors in his kitchen!)

Thank you to the Neotrad for the heads up.  What a great find!