You Have GOT to See this New York City Downtown Loft


Elevate the mundane to the extraordinary...

My breath caught in my chest when I saw the first image.  This is in New York?  Please tell me there's more was my next thought!  Scroll.  Scroll.  YES!

It had started with the foyer.  That's where the client told her to begin.  Designer Alexandra Lowe quickly moved from the foyer to the bedroom to the living room until she had completely transformed the client's New York City Downtown Loft.  By utilizing years and years of collections, Alexandra created spaces that "elevate the mundane to the extraordinary and accommodate an ever-evolving rotation of pochoirs, gouaches, and paintings."

I work in real estate, which means that a lot of my clients are moving, thinking about moving, or are on the precipice of... you guessed it... moving.

They also seem to have a collective mission to get rid of stuff.  This home will make more of you want to keep your stuff and maximize your collections.  It may make you want to scour estate sales as well!

Some things you might suddenly want to collect:

Pochoir (Layers of stenciled artwork)

Gouches (A paint technique similar to watercolor and acrylic making a baby)

Cherry Hued Antiques

Vintage Handmade Pottery

Vintage Horse Heads! (To replace my bust obsession!  No!  Never!)

Or what about this chocolate colored bench (so yummy you might want to lick it!)

Photos via 1st Dibs