You Don't Need a Honey Bunny, but You Will Probably Want One

amy-stonne-habituallychic-005 If you had told me a year ago ... or even a month ago... that I would be a proud owner of a rabbit I would have said you were crazy.  If you had thought that I would sneak off to his cage and call him my Honey Bunny, I would have laughed in your face.  But there you go.  That's me.  A grown woman with a bunny who is so fuzzy sometimes I think I might actually die.

Sir Harry, the velveteen rabbit, has somehow managed to find a permanent place in our home.

I realize, though, that not all of you will want to go to the side of cray cray.  Instead, you might prefer to add touches of honey or even bunny to your home without adopting a live one.  Here are some of my top faves:

Healthy Candy Bars

Healthy Chocolate Bar

Beige accents + Gold fixtures + Concrete


Brown Easter Eggs

Stacks of kitchen stuff + the all important BUST


Hey Bunny


Honey Hair (+ Cute Stripe Blouse + Modern Watch)

Stripe Blouse

A world Traveler Finds her way home


Must buy this print!

Honey Bunny

Cinnamon, Date, & Walnut Brioche

Cinnamon, Date & Walnut Brioche

Raw wood chair + books + one distressed bowl

Eldaregatan 2ADIY Origami Easter Bunnies

DIY Origami Easter Bunny

Vintage + Industrial Bathroom Vintage Bathroom