How To Do The Industrial Urban Look

West Elm Feature :: Matchstic House :: House of Valentina The last few weeks have been so busy with us buying our house and moving that I haven't had the chance to tell you about the room I created for Matchstic, Atlanta's top Brand Identity House.  I might be partial since my husband absolutely loves waking up every day and working with them, but we think their work space is super cool!

Not too long ago, though, they asked me to come in and complete their front entry in time for their open house.  They wanted to keep the Industrial Urban feel of the space, but warm it up a bit and infuse some life.

I bought the plants, had rugs sent in, and spent a day roaming the space and prepping it into the late hours of the evening.  (Which is a very long way of explaining why I haven't had a chance to photograph the space yet!)

Brittany, one of Matchstic's top Identity Builders, captured the warm rays of light coming through the window a couple days ago and apparently West Elm and quite a few others gave their seal of approval.

Here are a few of my favorite items from the space::

 The Sofa, The Rug, The Mid Century Mod Chairs, The Side Table, The Planters, The Arched Lamp, the flag  (a local design available through Citizen Supply) and that pillow, by Ferm Living (A little piece of Denmark in America!)

Plants :: House of Valentina

Fiddle Fig :: House of Valentina

West Elm Feature :: Matchstic House :: House of Valentina