Atlanta Art Deco Home :: An Extraordinary Tour


160408_duffey_artdeco_egd_104 To discover an Atlanta Art Deco Revival Home is like finding a rare treasure.  In fact, the Evans-Cucich house, built in 1934 and named after its previous owners, is the only art deco style home in Atlanta.  In this case, when people say, "They don't build them like they used to." They are absolutely right.

I can only imagine what the neighbors must have said!  Some probably loved it while others hated it, but either way, it has been the talk of the town for decades.  There is even a rumor that a secret tunnel runs underneath the house that leads to the other side of the street.  Can you imagine?

The current owners, Parker and McKenzie Blanchard,  shared the passion for this unique home and rescued it from it's crumbling state about three years ago.  With the help of architect, Ryan Duffey, the home has been restored to its former glory with a few modern updates that might just help you get some ideas for your own home.  I have my eye on those black windows and, of course, the bathroom marble and white kitchen are beyond epic.

Take a peek around, but don't blame me if you suddenly have an urge to watch Great Gatsby!













Photos: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle


Want to learn more about the Art Deco period?  This book is packed with ideas, inspiration, and pictures!

I can't decide which I love more... this server or this bar cart!

This Art Deco style clock has been been on my wish list forever!

This French Art Deco sconce is stunning and would definitely add a fun flair to any style home!

Few things say art deco more than a closet full of beaded dresses.

Though any these earrings would make me pretty happy, too!

Matching Art Deco bedside tables or super swanky and sneaky Revolving Bar Cabinet?


INTERIOR DESIGN Nancy Duffey, Scout for the Home. (404) 816-2325; ARCHITECT Ryan Duffey, J. Ryan Duffey Architect, (404) 808-7884; LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Carson McElheney, Carson McElheney Landscape Architecture & Design, (404) 467-1690; BUILDER Tate Builders & Assicoates, Inc., (404) 843-3030;