Fifty Shades of Greige in This Cottage Kitchen


Greige + White Kitchen It's hard to go against the beat of the drum sometimes, but this inviting cottage kitchen is proof that fifty shades of greige can still live on in our modern world.  Do you remember when these colors were soooo big not even five years ago?  Ruts sound messy and few people aim to get stuck in one, but knowing when to follow trends and when to stick with one you love can free you from the pressure to keep up with what everyone else is doing and give your home a unique flavor.  By choosing classic finishes, like marble and wood, adding in kitchenware that is white, and keeping the colors neutral, this family has created a base that is versatile and lasting, though if they wanted to jump on the fifty shades of grey trend, a little paint is all they would need.

Here are some pieces to consider for the Fifty Shades of Greige that will last no matter the trend::

Stock your shelves with white dinnerware for a classic look.

Always have a stash of clear glass vases in several sizes so you can switch out your florals for a fresh seasonal infusion.

Invest in original art work that you truly love and that really speaks to you.

 No matter what your style is, always purchase materials that will stand the test of time, such as marble and wood.