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Fashion Inspired Modern Master Bedroom The connection between fashion and interiors is definitely not a new thing, but with an itching for spring and the imminent arrival of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to reimagine our bedroom with a bit of romance and a hint of blush pink.  What I love about this space is that it's very personal to me since it's based on my favorite outfit and since my husband happens to love me in the outfit, it works for both of us.  The only thing I bought new since the Winterized Master Bedroom is the beautiful Guide to Manhattan Poster and florals/greenery.  It's so amazing what you can create when you shop your own home!

I hope our room and the video we created for you will inspire you to create a space that is personal to you, and maybe even based on your favorite outfit... or even his.  Ooh... That would be a lot of fun, too!

Before I get distracted and start redecorating, take a peek and see if this new Fashion Inspired Decor or the Winterized version is your favorite!  Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know!

Fashion Inspired Modern Master Bedroom

Fashion Inspired Modern Master Bedroom

Fashion Inspired Modern Master Bedroom

Valentina Fussell Modern Master-005

Fashion Inspired Modern Master Bedroom

 We've also got a quick and simple DIY Leather Strap Box tutorial to help you add detail without a lot of money!


Some other details you might be interested in:

My side table is an IKEA stool painted black!

Add a touch of blush with a blanket or a duvet!

A Polka Dot Blouse Looks amazing hanging on the wall.  It's fashion and decor!

A Blush Blouse always gets the creative juices flowing, but edgy black pants keep things interesting!  (Coated or Pleather are my fave!)