Forget Monday. Let's Escape to A Modern Country Retreat in Australia


Rustic Modern Bedroom Sometimes we all need a place to escape to.  Maybe we've been working a little too much lately, or perhaps we need a dose of inspiration that can only be found by leaving our every day life and experiencing something new, but no matter the reason, I have found just the place to run away to.  It is a place that promises magic, wonder, a warm fire, and a cozy sleep.  The Estate Trentham is more of a concept retreat rather than a standard hotel.  It is filled with bespoke linens, collections of crockery that would convince even the stingiest among us to hope for a shop, and rooms designed by the talented Australian interior designer, Lyn Gardener, who we first got to know when she created the much loved White Room.  Her interiors tend to be warm, cozy, lived in, approachable, and filled with layers of interest and curiosity and that style is in full swing at The Estate Trentham.  Whether you want to plan a large event for all your closest family and friends or escape for a romantic weekend for two, The Estate Trentham is a modern country retreat that offers a beautiful stay, outdoor dining with produce straight from the garden, and a barn that is so inspiring you might just want to sleep there when the weather is warm! The Estate Trentham

Rustic Modern Kitchen

Country Modern Living Room

Country Modern Kitchen

Rustic Bathroom

Barn Celebration



The Estate Trentham


The Estate Trentham

Country Modern Bedroom

 All Photos: The Trentham Estate