No Membership Required... But you are going to beg to join!

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No Membership Required

But you will definitely want to join the club!

The funny thing about leaving your own town for 12 years and coming back is that you get to see it it as an outsider while simultaneously feel really, really proud of what your little town has become. Copenhagen was SUCH a city of foodies and was packed with great restaurants and cafes, but you know what? So is Atlanta! We could see that the minute we got back but it’s been a little hectic trying to settle back into life here… oh, yeah, and we gutted and renovated an entire house, too!

Speakeasy meets oyster bar tucked in between two restaurants.

Garden and Gun, the always inspiring magazine publication centered around all things awesome and southern has opened the coolest restaurant that some would call a “speakeasy meets oyster bar tucked in between two restaurants. If you blink, you will seriously pass it, which is part of the charm of the Garden and Gun Club.”

And did I mention that they serve pretty cocktails, boiled peanuts (don’t knock ‘em til you’ve tried ‘em!), mac n’ cheese, and fried shrimp? My mouth is watering just from looking at their Brunch menu… Cathead Fried Chicken Biscuit and a Grapefruit Mimosa? Heck yeah.

Don’t take my word for it. Check them out here: Garden and Gun Club

Do yourself a favor and DON’T look at their Instagram if you are already hungry. Consider yourself warned. Click here for mouth watering yumminess!