Purge. But not too much.


The New Year has started with a bang, which is great because I get to be out and about with people I love and helping them find their way home, but it means I have been a bit quiet on the social media front. I apologize!

In the quiet moments in between the rush I have been thinking a lot about the method I use to create a styled home for the market. A lot of you have been telling me that you want to style your house for the market and live in it. Which is so funny because that is exactly what my clients tell me!

Not many of us have the stamina to pull a Marie Kondo style purge unless we are facing packing our stuff and schlepping it to the next place. Suddenly we all want to throw nearly everything we own out!

I have found over the years that most of us figure out what we really love pretty quickly when facing a move and start chucking out the rest. Even if you aren’t moving, consider more than your sock drawer and stacks of paper (as Marie Kondo would advise) and expand your thoughts to your entire space.

When you live with what you love, you will find your house becoming your home. It will inspire you more, relax you more, and even ignite a whole new you.

Green Grey Kitchen

When I style a home for the market I use what is already present in the home or if the home is vacant, I create a look as though someone actually lives there. People love buying a home! Great energy shows life, care, and comfort.


This home still has a lot of things left in it, but it is full of life and a great example of how you could style your house for the market, or better yet, to live in! (the little girl’s room is heaven!)

This beautiful home is for sale in Sweden via Alvhem. But don’t you find it to be loaded with so many inspiring ideas?

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