Make 24+ Completely Different Outfits with These 15 Fall Wardrobe Staples!

House of Valentina | Fall Fashion

You asked for it!

You guys have been asking for more fashion posts so today we are diving in to a new little series that we hope you will enjoy and find helpful!  We think getting dressed should be the best few minutes of every day, but a lot of you have told us that you feel like it's a chore... that you shop all the time and buy constantly but feel like there's nothing good in your closet.  After living in Europe with a three foot wide hanging space, we have always had to get creative with our wardrobes and shop smart, so not only will this series save you money, but it will save you time AND we hope put the fun back into getting dressed.

My husband is always joking that I dress him, but it's actually true.  I knew that he struggled to put things together so I created a system that was foolproof... or husband proof... errr... ok, anyone can do it!  Even me!  Because I loved the system so much that I did the very same thing for myself.


Each one of these


can be mixed and matched!

So many possibilities!

Jack was always asking for "Garanimals"... or some version of what he remembers as a kid where each Garanimals line may be mixed and matched as separates, and the color and style mix and match with any piece within that line. So, over the years I started with each of our wardrobes and created a capsule wardrobe of sorts with basics that could all be mixed and matched... because as a busy mom the system works just as effectively for me as it does for him.


Each can be mixed and matched to make more than 24 outfits and that's just if you count shirts, sweaters and pants being mixed up! These are affordable too!  (Click the pics to shop!)


Now it's HER



Being a busy mom means less time to get dressed so having a few shoe options helps me quickly transition from work to bus stop pick up.  Those little details are super important for the success of this wardrobe.  Don't feel like you have to be a slave to these exact pieces.  I know a lot of women hate wearing heels, so try a flat leopard ballet or a black sneaker instead!

Click to shop and create your own Fall Wardrobe and don't forget to leave us a comment letting us know if you love this series (or hate it!) and if you want more!