This Home Will Make You Want to Plaster Your Walls... and buy linen...

20 Ways To add Texture To Your Home

One of the key ingredients to a compelling interior is texture.  It's the one thing that will make or break an interior, no matter what your style.  It adds warmth, a cozy factor, and best of all, a feeling of approachability.  We found these two homes in Sweden that have serious texture going on even though both would be considered modern.  Here's proof that modern can be very homey!

And these two homes are in fierce competition when it comes to being a winner in texture.  They go about it completely differently, one with textured walls (the very thing that brings terror to so many!) and the other looooads of linen... yet another terror inducing material because sadly most people associate it with ironing... and scratchiness.

But I think you will find that there is neither terror or chores awaiting in these two home... your biggest challenge?  Choosing which one is your favorite.  Clearly I could not choose!

Here are our top 20 Ways To add Texture To Your Home::

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Both homes for sale in Sweden with Alvhem


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