10 Reasons I Want Live In A French Bistro



You could call it an obsession.  (Written while I sip on my Bellocq tea.)  We visited twice and lingered so long we were afraid they might think we were casing the place.  If you haven't been, I have to suggest an immediate visit to Paris Market in Savannah, Georgia.  

First of all, Savannah was apparently too beautiful for Sherman to burn to the ground during the Civil War (sorry, Atlanta, you weren't so lucky) so there is more history packed in these tight knitted streets that probably all of Georgia combined.  Then add French music, original floors, beautiful displays of European goods all put together with a very French department store kind of way... and there is magic.  Pure magic.

So, I've decided I'm moving in and these are the 10 Reasons why: 

1. There's always lots of bread.  Good bread.  The kind that makes you feel warm, safe, and completely ok with a little extra padding on the hips.


2. There's Always a Bar.  And whether you serve wine or cereal at it, it just feels good to have one.


3. There's always cool lighting.  Whether it's industrial or sleek and modern, French bistros always seem to nail the lighting.


4. There's always the Element of Surprise.  Of course you can hang your pots from a rail and your mirrors behind the hood.  Just don't forget your bike too!


5. Brick is just normal.  It always seems to sneak in and bring texture and warmth with it.


6. The outside always relates to the inside.  Large windows, tons of natural light, and greenery make the French Bistro so inviting.


7. The floor tiles will blow your mind.  Forget practicality.  These are statement floors meant to do nothing more than leave you salivating and constantly judging your choice in footwear that day.


8.  There's a focus on classics.  The French Bistro will stand the test of time because it confidently opts for those things that cannot fade away. 


9.  They never complicate things.  The focus is on simplicity, quality, & elegance.


10.  There is no limitation to their imagination.  French Bistro isn't one thing, but rather an idea... an ideal, really.  It is about comfort, warmth, inspiration, and imagination.  To these things there is no end! And for those reasons I am moving in!