When They Said Go Green I didn't Know They Meant...


Dying over this green!

My husband and I were down at Bell Cabinet's showroom this week.  They have a gorgeous showroom at ADAC where you can walk through the spaces, open and close all the drawers, and imagine.  I love interactive daydreaming!  We've started to discuss our kitchen which needs attention... oh.  Wait.  We've been talking about it for over a year!  To take down the wall or not... to paint the cabinets or replace them... what color will it be...what countertops should we choose.  The options seem endless and sometimes I think the daydreaming is the best part!

One trend we are totally digging is the sudden infusion of green.  It's more of a green gray but ooooh my goodness... isn't this soooo tempting?

What do you think?  Could you imagine living in a green kitchen?

Valentina FussellComment