Oh, Isn't that a SMEG?


The Best Thing Since Pizza 

and Spaghetti and Leather.

Walk into a European home these days and you are likely to walk into the kitchen and comment, "Oh!  Isn't that a SMEG?"  Or if you were playing it cool and nonchalant (something I know nothing of) you might attempt a laid back, "oh, huh.  A smeg.  Cool."  

Either way, it's hard not to notice a SMEG.  This Italian brand has taken the design scene by storm these last few years and now they have landed with a resounding bang in the US. Not only can we get the MUCH coveted larger appliances but now countertop appliances are available at Williams Sonoma!    Eeek!!  Happy Daaaaance... oh, ha!  Just me?  It's only because you haven't seen that they carry the refrigerators, too!


Smeg & Dolce and Gabbana Made a baby

As if ALL that were not enough, Smeg just partnered with DOLCE AND GABBANA to create designs that have that classic Italian Ameretti Cookie Tin kind of feel... or at least that is how my sugar driven mind sees them.


Jump on this Italian Band-wagon

Quadruple Eeek!!  Am I the only one hyperventilating?  Check out some of my personal favorite kitchens that feature SMEG and see if you are ready to jump on to this Italian bandwagon...

Photos via Smeg

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