Staging the Home of This 77 Year Old Gem


It started out as a mini fireplace makeover and turned into a full blown (and VERY budget friendly!) kitchen remodel... and THEN the staging to get this house ready for the market.  The homeowner could not be any sweeter.  I loved getting to hear about the adventures of this lovely 77 year old Grandmother who galavanted off to Naples (Italy) and longer stints in Japan with her husband who served in the military (thus the gun rack on the fireplace.)  

But with the task at hand to get the house neutral for the market, we needed to make a few changes so the next homeowner can imagine themselves here!  Tell us what you think and don't forget to check out the links and listing below!

Harbour Ridge | House of Valentina-3.jpg

How did we do?  I know it's hard taking the personality of the homeowner away... actually, it's the exact opposite of what we do when we create a space FOR them, but I've never had a homeowner complain about making top dollar!

Harbour Ridge | House of Valentina-15.jpg

Our favorite items to stage with that are super budget friendly:



Artificial plants (especially if property is vacant)

White Ceramics:

Paint colors:

Fireplace Mantel: Candlestick Silver

Brick: Silver Birch

Kitchen Cabinets: Ginger Sugar

Check out the listing here:

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