MAIL HOLDER HACK :: A Napkin Holder for Every Style!

Spring Living Room | House of Valentina

Is it just me or is staying organized getting harder and harder these days?  Life is busy and hectic and sometimes even the smallest things get messy.  Not that I don't love a little "life" in a space, but mail thrown everywhere just makes me nervous.  

Enter in my favorite HACK quite possibly ever... the MAIL HOLDER HACK.  By taking a napkin holder and either adding it to your table or even mounting it to the wall, with just a few bucks you can instantly get organized!

You can check out our art deco inspired version In our latest episode where we not only gave our living room a major spring infusion but also got everything decluttered.  It feels so good for everything to have a place!

(Click on any of the pictures below to grab your own MAIL HOLDER HACK!) 

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