Zebra Hunting, No Gun Required.

zebra rug.jpg


without no Zebra, please

I can't get past the head.  Or the tail.  I guess you could say I can't make heads or tail of it. Zebra is a classic.  It's beautiful and exotic, but the first time I saw one laying on the floor of an apartment we were viewing on our house hunt in Copenhagen... I became like ill mannered child and refused to put my feet on it... which meant that I had to creep around the edges of the room to finish seeing the apartment.  There was no WAY I was touching that.  Even now I've got chills running down my spine.  It still had its head... and the tail.  ahhh!!!  The horror.  

ew. ew. ew. ew. eeeeew.  

But I love traveling the world.  My childhood dream was to live out my days just like Out of Africa... (I was a strange child.  I know.  What 9 year old watches that?  Oh.  Wait, the one who has eyes... mhmm THAT Robert Redford.  Total dream boat!) 

I digress.

What do you think?  Does the zebra print do anything for you?  Here are a few of my favorite inspiration shots that started this little tangent running around in my head...

Now, of course if you want authenticity, there are plenty of places ready to sell it to you... I may just be hugging the wall if you invite me over!  Heehee!  No, really.

But here are a few ways to add the zebra, no gun required:

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