I LOVE it when I'm right... and so will you!

Jewel Tones The 2018 Coming Trend 8.jpg

Last week a few of you gave me a bit of push back on the green kitchen and a few days prior a few said that dark is just bleh while others were begging for more.  You should never follow a trend just because it's in, but because you LOVE  it, but I'm convinced that I'm going to convert any doubters... 

Just look that what we are seeing in Sweden!  These homes are currently on the market (Just under a million dollars will get you in to these places!)  

But what does all this mean to those of us not house shopping in Sweden?  It means we get a peek into the future of trends, which depending on where your tastes lie might be good news or bad.  I love the fact that Swedes are bringing in jewel tones in subtle ways like pillows and florals and then going for a punch with a power color on the walls.

What do you think?  Can you see yourself incorporating these colors into your home?

Want to see more?  Check out the rest of this home at Alvhem.

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