The Galentine's Wish List

modern romantic.jpg

Bring on the Girl Power!


Florals and chocolates and pink, oh my!

We know that there is a massive debate about the over commercialization of love, but we can't help ourselves.  We are helpless romantics!  And whether it's the love for a friend, a child, or a sista, Galentine's is the perfect way of celebrating the gals in our lives and showing them how much they mean to us.  What chica in your life wouldn't  love being spoiled with candy, chocolate, hearts or more?

We've rounded up a list of a few of our favorite Galentine gift ideas, but we won't tell if you decide to spoil yourself a bit, too!  

(And we will be sending this on to a few guys who need IDEAS for the big day, as well!)

Who are you shopping for?  Did you see the perfect gift amongst these ideas?

Don't forget to add a great card.  This is one of our favorites!