A CLOSET MAKEOVER & All You NEED is $100 & a Weekend!

hall closet | House of Valentina-2.jpg

You won't believe the BEFORES!

I know I have let many of you live with the fantasy that I am a neat freak and my house is always perfectly tidy... and if you prefer things to stay that way you might want to avoid proceeding with the rest of this post.  Actually, skip the video altogether while you are at it.  Things are about to get MESSY... and REVEALING.

Here's a before shot just in case you thought I might have been over exaggerating the depths to which this space had fallen.  OMG.  


Completely INSANE!

Someone should fire the decorator!  :-)



If you don't happen to have extra paint on hand, save a little more money by checking out the "oops paint" at the hardware store.  I find great paints that tend to be in style because most of us are buying the same neutral colors these days.  And don't forget that the hardware store can cut inexpensive wood and your rod down to size for you to make everything a perfect fit!

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