Sorry Boys, The Military Isn't Just for You

Olivia Palermo

We women are a liberated species.  We've been given the right to vote, we work outside the home and we even came pretty close to being president (we'll get 'em the next time around!) but we aren't talking politics here.  It's the military we want to approach...

The fashion kind, of course!  

There's just something about those rows of brassy buttons and the tailored look that we girls can seriously get behind.  We went a little nuts when Olivia Palermo came out with her military inspired red coat... especially when we were in the store the other day and realized it's ON SALE.  (Don't you love this time of year?  It's like the retail gods forgot to tell someone that we are STILL COLD and you are giving us deals on just what we NEED.)

They didn't have it in my size, but they were able to order it for me from another store and ship it to my doorstep... oh the agonizing wait that ensured as I waited 8 WHOLE DAYS... that's like forever when you are DYING to have something.

But, alas, the door stalking has ended because it has arrived...

Clearly we get excited about a good sale AND looking fab.  Here are our favorite steals at the moment... just in case that fab red is out of stock in your size: 


1. Knit Red Blazer $122.50

2. Maxi Wool $279.99

3. Seamed Blazer (comes in 4 colors!) $198

4.  Skirted Double Breasted (comes in white too!) $159.99

5.  Belted $157.99

6.  Plus Size Gold Band $59.63

7.  Navy + Red Piping $99.99   

8. Velvet Navy $99.99

9.  Double Breasted (comes in Navy too!) $134.99

10.  Denim Blazer $136.50

11. Marching Band $119.97

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