Find Happiness at the French Chateau Elan

Chateau Elan | House of Valentina20.jpg

This place will make you happy...

They have nailed the wine, cheese, and atmosphere!

While some may say that our generation is among the unhappiest, we have found a place that nearly guarantees your happiness.  Think of a long driveway with vineyards all around you, plump grapes glistening in the late warm Georgia sun.  With wine being made right on the premises, and several dining choices certain to perfectly compliment the fruits of the vine, this is happiness at its finest.  

Stroll through the gardens, bathe by the pool, and if you are a little tipsy by the end of the evening, the most perfectly plump bed is awaiting to offer you the happiest of sleeps.

Unhappy generation.  Hmph!  Clearly someone needs to leave the city behind, because all the happy people are hanging out at Chateau Elan!

All photos taken by Valentina Fussell with iPhone.

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