Let's SAVE This Real Estate DEAL with less than $350!

Let's Save This Real Estate Deal!

With Less than $350!!

Our homes are one of our biggest investments, so the last thing we want to do is cost ourselves money when we are ready to sell.  When I wrote my dear friend, Amanda, about her current listing in North Highland, California, she responded with no small amount of frustration in her voice

"It's going slowly. Our house has been on the market about 32 days now. Houses below and above us in cost are selling, but we have had absolutely no offers. Can't understand it. My husband was wondering if we could get your opinion on our house?"

After checking out Amanda's listing on Zillow I realized that Amanda has a BEAUTIFUL home.  The exterior is a beautiful shade of grey with an inviting walk way/garden,  floor is new, the kitchen is updated, there is a master bathroom + one more, and a garden in the backyard that makes me just a little jealous!

There are a few classic mistakes in the way the house is presented, though, and with less than $350 and a little elbow grease, we will have Amanda and her family well on their way to multiple offers (at least that is the goal!) Click through the photos below of her ACTUAL LISTING and be sure to recommend it to any of your friends in the North Highland area.  I don't expect this one to last much longer with these quick fixes!