SAY YES... it's way more fun than no!


I love the holidays because it is the one time of year that we get to say "YES!" way more times than no.  That special gift that your mom will love?  YES!  That toy your mini me will love for sure?  YES!  That cookie or that party... or that extra snuggle time by the fire?  Yes, yes, and YES!

We spend so much of our lives saying no because we know we can't say yes every day... but I say celebrate all the Yes's and do as much pampering as possible... after all... life is short and there's no time like the present (corny pun fully intended) to enjoy it!

**I'm SO saying yes to those furry shoes!  They even come in sneakers and flats!  I'll add champagne and a bubble bath to the list too!

**If you have last minute shopping to do we've got CAN'T MISS gift guides for every girl, the kiddos, and even the teens!


Valentina FussellComment