This is How the French ACTUALLY Dress...


How to Ace Imperfection & Beauty

It's not that I'm against wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with something decidedly French.  And a beret done right can be pretty cute... but when it comes to dressing like the French... well, even I am still learning.  The truth is that we must separate the Parisian woman from much of the rest of France.  There is something about living in Paris that seems to affect a woman... something about the air, I suppose.  

If you really want to understand the Parisian woman and what makes her so utterly... so utterly... so... indescribable... well, you probably need to realize that she hasn't probably ever given you much thought.  Unless you showed up in a Beret and these shoes... In which case she has made a quick assessment that you are American.

So what gives these Parisian women the right to give us advice on what to wear anyways?  The answer might just surprise you... and relieve you!

#1 Parisian women believe that appearing as though one is trying too hard is the worst sin, so stop fussing with your hair so much and let it be a little messy.

#2 Parisian women believe that the body is beautiful and sensual... so stop trying to cover it all up and wear your skin proudly.

#3 Parisian women are at ease with mixing high and low end... so relax.  It's ok to shop at H&M while saving up for an investment piece.

#4 Parisian women buy beautiful every day items for their homes... so they won't have to buy decorations.

Parisian women also don't wear a lot of makeup... but I'm pretty sure no country is ready to see my face without it, so I'll skip that one for now...

But oh. my.  If there is one shop that has so completely captivated me this season, it is the lovely Sezane.  I just cannot seem to tear myself away from their online pages... it's as though a tiny window has been opened to their little boutique and all I want is to pull up a chair and eat chocolate covered gummy bears and sip espresso from a petit pink cup.

Oh, that one little company can fill such a gap in one's imagination and give flight to it's fancies...

I am convinced that they offer free express shipping to the US to torment us!  what excuse will I have to invent now for not showing up to the next event fabulously undone and decidedly French?

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