Am I REALLY About to Jump on The GOLD wagon?


Is Brass Back?

I'm scared!

I know I'm a cool mom.  Several online quizzes have confirmed it, so I'm certain when it comes to be hip, I am golden... or am I?  Because quite frankly as soon as my daughter mentioned that she wanted brass/gold accents in her bathroom makeover I started shaking in ma boots.  

It all started when I walked into her bathroom a few days ago and I almost passed out from terror.  (I'm currently rubbing my face with both hands just trying to rub the lingering horror off my face.)  First, Hailey has almost no storage and she is a self professed hoarder.  Oh, wait.  It's me that calls her that.  She calls herself "sentimental."  

I decided that an intervention was needed. 

Even the BEFORE shot from when we bought the house made this room look like a palace... when comparing it to its current state:


Yellow Walls are the WORST


THEN wen I asked her what she wanted for her ideal/mom's-on-a-budget bathroom she muttered, "GOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD". (You know the way they do in the movies in slurred, slow-mo style.)

Whaaat?  Are we REALLY going back to brass?  It would certainly make my life easier since most of my 90's house still possesses most of its original gold accents, including everything from hinges to knobs.  But Hailey's bathroom has a nickel faucet (I threw out the brass knobs), original vanity mirror, and those ever so upgraded hollywood lights, which ironically she kind of likes. (The mirror and the light, that is.)  

Here are a few bathrooms from my bathroom pinterest board.  She really wants something more "urban outfitters/teenager" but its teensy tiny in there and I'm keeping the cabinet for now.

Help!  What would you do?

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