30 Christmas Desserts ALMOST Too Pretty To Eat. Emphasis on ALMOST.

30 Christmas Desserts ALMOST too pretty to eat!

Get Out The Apron


Anyone else pull the Christmas tubs out of the basement or attic over the weekend?  We were still recovering from a Disney hangover... an escape I promise to share more about very soon... but we managed to squeeze in a couple Christmas movies and dive head long into Christmasizing the entire house.  Forget minimalism this year.  Heck.  Forget the simple one branch that filled our entire room.   This year we are pulling out the 12 foot Christmas tree that ROTATES.  Yes, you read that right.  ROTATES.  As in 360 degrees of Christmas magic.  

So, if anyone else is chucking out minimalism and is ready to dive in head long into the best part of Christmas... clearly, I am referring to the cookies... well, we have 30, yep, counted them twice, 30 Christmas desserts that are ALMOST too good to eat... ALMOST.

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