You Home is Your greatest Adventure


Imperfect Perfection

We are taught to sit up straight, get straight A's, stand in a straight line, and walk the straight and narrow, but life has a way of curving and bending.  Every time we think we've just about got it figured out, life jerks us to the left or the right or some unexpected path reveals itself and we decide to see where it goes.

The pursuit of perfection within the home will always lead to disappointment.  We are imperfect and those we love and share our home with are too.  And that's what makes life so amazing and interesting and fantastic!

Your home isn't a mathematical equation.  And most of us don't have the money to go out and buy an entire house full of furnishings in one day. While that might seem fun to some, it would also mean the loss of a great journey.

 You Home is Your greatest Adventure.   It wasn't meant to be completed in a day, but to grow, adapt, and breath right along with those you share it with.  

When I realized that one of my favorite stylists had created work for a book called "Perfectly Imperfect" I immediately got on amazon and ordered a copy.  It hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already feeling so unspired by the message...

advocating the beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanence and the authentic.

There is so much beauty all around us if we just allow ourselves to see it. The home we build as a backdrop to that story truly becomes an adventure when we see the "beauty of accident, age, and patina."  And, yes, even the patina from the hard times or when you didn't get the chance to fix your bed... for 365 days consecutively... or when the dishes start to age from use and the sofa is a little extra squishy for Friday movie night.

Those imperfections are what I seek to enhance in the interiors I create because I believe the greatest beauty is locked up within the imperfections...

Here is a glimpse into the book, which I am convinced is written by a soul sister.  Can't wait to get my copy!!

All images by Glen Proebstel

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