Why Doing everything like EVERYONE ELSE is overrated.

My Dad always told me, "Baby doll, the world needs all kinds of people to make it go round."  He usually said that because I was angsting about what some girl said to me at school or what some boy did, but I took it to heart and I have spent a great deal of my life pursuing that very notion... that this world NEEDS all different kinds of people.  Which means that if all we ever do is try to be like the guy or girl standing next to us... well, the world will become a dimmer place.  It will be missing some piece to the puzzle.

Putting this theory to test was my mom the other day when we were walking through Pike's Nursery.  

We were shopping for our front porch "fall decor" and as I gathered up my favorite plants she told me, "Oh, that so looks like you."  And even though she denies it, she did not mean it as a compliment.  (I'm SURE of it!)  We'd been shopping for a bit and I kept saying that I wanted something... different.  Anything besides orange and yellow mums.

When I rolled my eyes and exhaled (like I was 5 again) "mooom, what is THAT suppose to mean?" 

"Oh, honey, I just mean that you never do things like anyone else."

Me: "NOW I'm SURE that wasn't a compliment!  Why can't I do pink and burgundy for fall?!"

I mean, really, who decided that Fall is only represented with purple, orange and yellow?  If it's your thang' then you should absolutely own it and love it and enjoy every last second... but if you don't, shouldn't there be room for something else?

Of course I did the only logical thing to do at a crossroad such as this...

I went "Haunted Mansion"... creepy busts, willowy plants, lumpy heirloom pumpkins and spider webs (errr... it takes a lot of will power to NOT clean those off the front porch all summer long! They are legit halloween decorations year round!!)

So, here's to being different and owning it.  To being one-of-a-kind.  To throwing off the norm and embracing the awesome and amazing you!  (Whether it's pink, purple, orange, or baby blue!)

Here's my inspiration for my "Haunted  Mansion Creepy Halloween decor...."

PS. Mom insists that she meant it as a compliment...  That I have a vision for things that no one else sees.  Ahhh... that's why I love her.  I wanted to be mad at her and yet she is purity and kindness... When I grow up I want to be my mom... just the me version of her, of course!



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