12 Bedroom Lights To Steal From Pinterest


Hey, Honey...

It's kinda dark in here.

We've been moving things around in the bedroom and there are a couple things we are currently working on.  Here's how it looked in here before:



So far we've painted the room with Euro Grey by Behr and a massive coat of white on the ceiling, added lamps, linen bedding, and lots of cool accessories, but lighting and window treatments are still on the list.



Eye Candy

+ Pillows



The ceiling medallion  is a sign of good things to come, but unfortunately we realized that the Normann Copenhagen lamp we thought might work in here is waaaaaaay too little.  The ceilings are actually quite high in here, so we really need something more substantial.


Not in Love



Since I work in real estate I know that a LOT of people LIVE for their master bedroom ceiling fans.  I am just not one of them.  I prefer something that gives off light, which is the first offense of this fan, and second I like having a chandelier... or more of a statement piece, you might say.  

Lighting is the ultimate accessory to any room! 

Here are a few pinterest faves that we are thinking about stealing... just in case you have a lighting predicament as well... and I did include one fan just in case you think we should keep it!

Which one/s is your favorite?

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