Shhh... Top 20 Trends Europeans Don't Want You to Know about... yet

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I had a friend in school who always swore that whatever she was wearing had JUST come off the runways in Paris.  No one believed her.  I know because we talked about it.  We talked about her... debated whether she was super fashion forward or just freakin' crazy.  Some of the stuff she used to show up in had us convinced of the latter.

But, she was right.  A couple years later a lot of the stuff we swore only a lunatic or this vindicated friend would ever dare shroud themselves in... was what we all had on.

So what is it about the Europeans?  Why do we let them decide our fashion fate so often?  

I mean, honestly, can you really trust someone to dictate your trends when they try to bring the fanny pack back... or should we praise them for it?  (I won't tell if you don't about the leather one hiding in my closet... just remember to throw it over your shoulder rather than your waist!)

But let's give credit where credit is due.  Europeans are always searching for the next thing and we don't mind following in their footsteps when they hit the right note.  H&M is definitely among the quickest to give us European trends in the US and I for one am delighted to see that suede has made it to the list... especially when it goes like this.

What I think is so brilliant about H&M is that they are trying to tell us to MIX High and Low.  They aren't trying to convince us to buy every single thing we own from them.  But Mix it up with whatever comes across our path that we love.  That is my #1 favorite thing I learned from living in Europe for a decade.  Here are 19 more trends I think you will be delighted to hear are trending in Europe.... and now, thanks to H&M, also here in the US!

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