It's getting SPOOKY around here! (& DO Try This at HOME!)

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You Might Want to Try This At Home...

Don't have tons of money or boxes of decorations?  Us either!  

After living overseas and far away from Halloween for more than a decade, we are SOOOOO excited to have our own house and a porch to decorate for the hoards of trick or treaters who will be coming in a couple weeks.  The only trouble is that we don't have much to work with since we sold most of what we owned AGAIN, so we are putting what we've got to use and adding a few plants and pumpkins for maximum spookiness!  Don't forget to choose the creepy varieties that will love hanging out on your porch for a few weeks... 

Thank you for joining us!  Now it's your turn to get your porch ready for fall, Halloween, and even pre-Christmas (if you think like my mom!)  Here are a few of our favorite things:

Mozart Bust

Bickering Busts... or the Talking Portrait  

Don't forget the Ghost Projector... and the fog machine!

And a Drum Table to put it on!

If you love orange, you LOOOVE this!

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