2017 Paint Trends You Won't WANT to Live Without


I'm a recovery dog earer.  Find something interesting in a magazine and a polite little corner would appear turned down... and then I would set it aside and immediately forget about it.  Nowadays I find a good riiiip is in order which is exactly how the ad for Benjamin Moore's new line of paint, Century, ended up on my desk.  Well, actually it was throw to the side and forgotten for a couple days until I started thinking about paint for a couple rooms in my house that need attention.  Then, bam, we're here chatting 2017 paint trends.  And, boy, is there some good stuff to talk about.

None of these trends are actually "new."  In fact, they are recycled ideas, but recycling is cool, so I'm digging it.  And I hope you will, too.

Trend #1 Small Batch production by a master craftsmen.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the days when we lived in Africa and there was no paint mixing machine in our city.  After two years one was brought in and you would have thought Santa had come to town.  The Americans went NUTS.  (It really was as exciting as the day sliced bread showed up in the supermarket!)

So, is small batch production the best thing since sliced bread?  I think so, because unlike in Morocco when we asked for blue and ended up with green and a shoulder shrug, these master craftsmen are highly trained to create this special line of color that will blow your mind.

Trend #2 Soft Touch Matte

The walls are silky smooth and the color is tantalizingly tactile when painted matte.  We have done the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen in it.  And LOVE it.

Trend #3 COLOR, bring it on!

Color really never went out of style, but grey has been getting a lot of air time these days.  If you love color, go for it!

Trend #4 Earthiness, want to to feel it

We want to feel our paint, even when we don't touch it.  It totally changes the way a room feels!

Trend #5 Inspired by Nature

Colors found naturally in nature have a way of feeling "right."

Trend #6 Got a European Vibe.

Forget having to ship your paint from Europe to get those old world colors, Century just made 75 of them accessible to the US!

Trend #7 Fearless.

No one will judge you if you go bold.  Balance it with calm accessories to not overwhelm the senses.

Trend #8 50 Shades of Grape

Pantone says green, Benjamin Moore says purple.  Either way, pick your favorite shade of grape and go!

Trend #9 Create Transitions

These days hardly any of us wants to commit to one style.  Purple + concrete?  Why not?  Grey + Cherry wood?  Yes!

Trend #10  Curated

We have too many choices already presented to us, companies like Century that curate our colors are lifesavers!

Whatever you decide to do with paint, make it your own.  Whether you prefer bold or muted, pale or understated, 2017 is all about embracing your own style and making your home reflect the unique life you are living!

All photos: Century Paint