16 Ways to Give Your Guy The Best Valentines Day EVER.


Make His Valentines Extra Special this year!

What he wishes you knew...

He's a great guy.  The one you sing too loud in the car with.  You show up in to events wearing matching clothes.  He's your best friend, your travel companion, maybe the dad to your kids and/or pets, and probably the one who usually blows off Valentines for himself.

The truth is that there are 16 really great ways to make your guy's Valentine's Day extra special this year just below.  See them lingering down there?  Scroll, Click, add to cart, and purchase.  Done.  He will be delighted.  Thrilled, actually.  A gift all for himself that completes his wanderlusting soul.

But if you want to take it WAY over the top, since he will surely have purchased off the Galentine's Wish List you've already sent him, you may want to show up in this.  Not that he'd be disappointed with any of the options below.  They will make him feel special, loved, and thoroughly pampered, which is something we girls sometimes forget to do for our guys, but if the options are being debated... 

You may want to show up in this for a casual date with a cute jean jacket, this for a cuddly night in, or go here to make it... ummm... well, you know.  memorable.  And buy these for yourself, but tell him they are "part of the outfit."

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