100% Vitamin Chic, a camel ride, and New York...


kate-spade-new-york-spring-17-ad-campaign-4 It's not exactly an every day craving, but seriously?  Doesn't this make you ache for fresh squeezed orange juice, a camel ride, and a bustling New York intersection?

The Spring collection from Kate Spade is making me simultaneously crave Morocco and New York!  It's pure genius and since I've already e-mailed a link to every person I think might at some point want to buy me a gift, I thought I might share the joy in case you have an upcoming reason to be spoiled.  (Isn't that every day?)

Camels, Cameras, Oranges, and Snakes, Oh My!

Yes, this collection has all the ingredients to energize you and satisfy a bit of your wanderlust!  We are headed out for a few days of exploring ourselves.  Hopefully there will be loads of rest, relaxation, and ... oh, wait.  No.  We are going to Disney World!  No rest, no relaxation, but definitely loads of smiles and excitement.  We've barely traveled since our trip to LA last year, so it's time to bust out and at the very least enjoy a road trip that includes a pecan roll and the gas station and some greasy fast food.

If 100% Vitamin Chic  isn't your thing, you may want to check out the Disney Collection by Kate Spade... or just skip straight to the new home collection!




All photography: Kate Spade