10 Weekend Finds :: You're Exactly Where U Need To B

You are Exactly Where You Need To Be

I'm pretty sure that moving back after 12 years abroad and trying to settle quickly has been one of the most stressful things we've ever done.  It's not that we aren't happy.  Actually, it's quite the opposite.  We could be happy in so many places!  Ah, the joys of a vivid imagination!  Whether you are moving or not, if you've got kids getting ready to go back to school, then you are probably scrambling around like we've been, so I just want to pass along these words that I found so encouraging... "You are exactly where you need to be."

Here are a few finds that I think will brighten your week no matter where life has taken you!

1. This Entry Way is Beautiful.  Would die for a Leather daybed but this blush one is a strong contender!

Entry Bench

2. Are these Flowers for real?  Does anyone know what kind they are?

3. These Raspberry + Coconut Bars are vegan and gluten free.  REALLY.  SERIOUSLY!   YUM.

4. These dried florals are long-lasting and other-worldly.  Find them here if you are in Atlanta!


5. This Pink Linen is summer perfection.  More here.

Pink Linen

6. This Copenhagen home is light, comfortable and elegant.  Linens here and chandelier here.

Copenhagen Home

7. This Blush Linen Velvet Swivel Chair is elegant and fun.  (hurry!  Only 2 left!)

8. Not Sure What Jeans to buy for Fall?  Parisian Girls are saying flares are here to stay!  Blouse here.

9. Greek Key + Blush?  Get in my cart!

10. This pendant is extraordinary.  It be a beautiful and organic addition over the breakfast table!

Handmade Pendant