AMERICAN DREAM | House of Valentina

We've been back about two months and I've been pretty quiet about our adjustment, only occasionally suggesting that it hasn't all been perfect.  The truth is that moving to America has come with an enormous amount of highs, overwhelmingly higher than the lows but these are some observations I've made about our personal perspective since returning.

  1. THE SUBURBS ARE BECOMING "SUBCITIES".  After decades of outcries against urban sprawl, it's very interesting to see how our generation still wants urban centers.  While cities are definitely getting tons of attention, subcities are quickly forming to satisfy our craving for urban living.
  2. THE "OLD" STUFF IS STILL NEW.  We just moved from a house that was built in the mid 1800's and that was considered pretty new for a European country.  Here that is ancient.
  3. AMERICA IS TAKING CASUAL TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  They are calling it "athleisure" and "netflix comfy".  Personally, I love the t's especially if they are v-neck.
  4. AMERICANS ARE SUPER FRIENDLY, GENERALLY.  Need help?  Need a friend?  Expect customer service?  While experts suggest that Americans are becoming more closed and unfriendly, they are still a lot friendlier in shops, restaurants, and business settings than many places around the world.
  5. LIVING IN AMERICA IS A PRIVILEGE.  After being gone for so long and hearing so many people say that it is their dream to live in the US, I have come to appreciate the life that I so easily obtain here.
  6. BEING HEALTHY IS EXPENSIVE.  I miss the affordable organic food options in Denmark, but definitely enjoying the variety available through Sprouts, Trader Joes & Whole Foods.
  7. WE ARE DIVERSE.  You can eat your way around the world every night of the week!  (I missed Tex Mex, authentic Mexican, and Chinese food!)
  8. EVERYTHING IS NEARBY BUT NOTHING IS CLOSE.  My daughter stunned me when she told me that she couldn't tell the difference between the city and the suburbs.  Both offer pretty much the same stuff nearby and you need a car to get anywhere.  (With a few exceptions such as NYC that offer user friendly public transportation.)
  9. THIS IS THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY.  I was terrified of starting over, but the opportunity available in this country is mind blowing.  Reach for the stars in America because anything is possible!
  10. THE ROAD IS ENDLESS.  It stretches on and on in every direction and if you hit a dead end, simply turn to the right or to the left and go again.  There is always somewhere new to go, more faces to meet, ideas yet to be explored, and an endless road waiting to take you somewhere you have never been before.  This is what I love most about America!