I'm in denial... gleefully counting down the days until summer like a sheep being led to the slaughter.  Three kids at home?  We are on the verge of pandemonium, people!  And I'm skipping straight for it.  Probably best to leave me with my unicorns and rainbows.

Or if you are smart, you will start counting up ways to survive summer break.

#1 : GET COMFORTABLE.  Gladiator sandals are IN.  Hallelujah!  Grab them here, here, and here.

#2 Get Your Bun On.  Forget fancy fixes.  A low bun is cool and chic... and great after the pool!

#3 : Bring the outdoors in.  Forget expensive bouquets.  Trim clippings from your trees and enjoy them indoors!

#4 : Invest in a shirt dress.  Perfect for the pool, a summer picnic, or taking the dog for a walk.  Something for everyone here!

#5 Lighten up inside.  Pull up rugs, heavy cushions, and drapes for an instant summer face lift!

#6 Create a Gardening Space.  This one is #goals but a potting table can go on the deck or porch and make gardening easier!

#7 Go for a sun kissed look.  Forget heavy makeup and fussy hair.  Go for light shadow and bronzer.

# 8 : Ice Your Coffee. Endless summer days with children waking long before they should deserve plenty of caffeine. 

#9 Invest in a Great Kimono.  And then head directly to #10.  Because life is short and so is summer.

#10 : Bring on the Ice Cream.  Preferably something light like this homemade hazelnut... which happens to go very well with coffee!