Your Life Story Deserves a Great Backdrop.

Our goal is simple.  We want you to wake up in a home that looks and feels just like you.  We think beyond the trends, the fads, and whatever everyone else is doing and we design spaces that are unique to you and your story.

Our first consultation is all about diving in and getting to know you, those who will be sharing your space with, and the space itself.  We love bringing in collected pieces, and elements of your personal story, so definitely plan to show us what you've got (otherwise we are likely to ask to see your attic and/or basement.... ok, we might ask to do that either way!)

After discussing budget, colors, etc we will present you with a mood board.  If you love what you see, we will get started pulling your unique design together!

How we proceed is up to you.  You can take the mood board and run with it, creating the space yourself, or we can go shopping, source it all together, and we'll even show up with the hammer and nails to finalize all the details.  If your time is limited, we have a team ready to complete your project for your big reveal!

Regardless of what budget you have and which path you choose, the result is the same- a newly designed backdrop to your epic life story!

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