"If I can help others find their way home then I will consider that a day well spent."  Valentina Fussell

We didn't plan to move 23 times in 17 years.  It just kind of happened.  But somewhere in the midst of the boxes and the packing tape I realized that home was my epicenter.  And if home meant that much to me, it probably meant a lot to other people too.    

With more than 12 years spent abroad, on three continents and a different language to match each, I got pretty good at making my house feel like a home, even if we were only there for a few months.  

Living in so many places ended up being an education all it's own.  I realized that there was no right way to make a home and that it wasn't the STUFF that made it home, but the people.  The decor was an important backdrop, though, because it influenced mood and story.  

But no amount of adventure or wanderlust could replace the longing we had to go home to our family.  Having grown up with a deeply rooted Big Fat Greek Family, we were thrilled to return to them after all those years apart.

We shocked everyone when we traded the rich historical buildings of Europe for the suburbs, but we could see immediately that the "burbs" weren't the same as when we left.  Either that or our perspective had changed!  What once seemed cookie cutter was suddenly filled with unique personalities.   We started renovating our own Suburban "Spiffer Upper" and through that found that we have a passion for helping others find their way home... whether they need to buy and sell or design and renovate or all of the above!